5 successful app development company!
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App development has become a crucial part of any business nowadays because of the constantly increasing mobile user base in the world. Here 5 successful app development companies that are known for being some of the best development companies in the business:

1. ArcTouch: This app development company has clients of the likes of Walmart, Honeywell and CBS. It is a company based in San Francisco and is known to work across all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

2. Raizlabs: This company is based in Boston, and has been known to have clients such as HP, Macy’s and even MIT. They claim to have app downloads over 30 million.

3. Detroit Labs: This Detroit-based developer has worked with major clients like Dominos Pizza and Chevrolet. It is known to focus mainly on app development.

4. WillowTree, Inc: This is one of the largest app developers in the US, and it is based in Virginia. They develop for all major mobile platforms, and have worked with companies like GE, NBA and AOL.

5. YMedia Labs: This is an award-winning app development company based in San Francisco. Apps include eCorner and Alpha Writer.

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